Welcome to NW Snowdog Rescue! We are a northern breed rescue group based in WA covering WA/OR/ID/MT.
We are a non profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS.

If you are thinking of adopting one of these furballs:

Some broad general guidelines – (everyone knows that exceptions prove the rules).

1) They need secure fencing – top and bottom preferably 6’ high – some of them can scale even that – and many of them are diggers

2) They are a companiable breed , so most would benefit from a playmate – however, if you see “likes to be an only dog” that’s exactly what it means.

3) As a rule cats, small dogs and other FOWL are prey . Many get categorized “dangerous” dogs because they attacked one of these prey critter. That’s why dog parks are to be approached with extreme care: preferably to be avoided, at least until you really know your dog.

4) They should never be off leash when not in a securely fenced area. They simply love to run and will not listen to the whistle.

5) Many of them are quite lively and could easily knock down smaller kids – so 8 and up is preferred.

Sounds complicated? Maybe it is, but once you have had one, you can’t stop. You get addicted. They love to snuggle with you – will sleep in your bed (if you let them) and are pretty smart (watch those doors with handles, or those kennel latches……)